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cesar ---bienvenidos a noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis, le saluda cesar bayona, gracias por acompaÑarnos .. cesar ---autoridades de walnut creek dieron de baja a un hombre acusado de enfrentarse a la polica en hechos que aun son confusos... take 2 box ---angel ayllon nos tiene la historia de lo ocurrido. intro angel los gritos y disparos alertaron una tranquila rea de walnut creek. donde aun muchos vecinos no entienden que ocurri ni cual fue la causa de un supuesto enfrentamiento a las autoridades. ;01 ;23 ;44 ;54 trt 01;44 take pkg los gritos de una mujer en el interior de un apartamento ocasionaron la llamada a la lnea de emergencia por parte de los vecinos y la inmediata reaccin de las autoridades que llegaron a estos apartamentos en en la calle creekside. el hecho ocurrio alrededor de las 3 15 de la madrugadaall, segn indico la policia de walnut creek, los oficiales confrontaron a un hombre a quien dieron de baja. entrevista vocero ahora, segun su vocero, no habia nadie mas involucrado en el incidente, no buscan mas sospechosos ni nadie mas esta bajo arresto toda el rea
noticiero univisión gracias . y estas son las noticias. cada vez estÁ mas cerca, y cuando se habla del abismo fiscal le diremos por quÉ se afectarÍa el bolsillo de todos. la tormenta sigue su camino de destrucciÓn, ahora estÁ en el noreste del paÍs, mÁs de 20 muertos deja a su paso. en venezuela a la incÓgnita de la salud de chÁvez se suma cÓmo tomarÍa posesiÓn de un nuevo mandato. en medio del dolor por la muerte de jenni rivera comienzan a surgir todo tipo de leyendas de la diva de la banda. le tenemos la Última. vamos con la informaciÓn. ♪ este es su "noticiero univisiÓn." ♪ ♪ >>> buenas tardes. a un paso del abismo se encuentran las finanzas del gobierno de estados unidos, y aunque por momentos el tema suene lejano lo cierto es que afectaria el bolsillo de todos. a esta hora el panorama no es alentador, la razÓn es que el congreso y la casa blanca no se ponen de acuerdo. viviana nos explica cÓmo sin una soluciÓn , desde nuestras tarjetas de crÉditos hasta nuestro sueldo sentirÁn el impacto. >>> obama interrumpiÓ sus vacaciones para evitar que el paÍs caig
her. i mean how are people doing it? >> gracia. >> (laughter) >> oh my god. >> no! >> somehow the magic or puerto rican rum had transformed me. i had to go back. i needed to understand. >> so looks like i'm a puppet. >> yes, sir. >> can you show me the path. teach me to be a better journalist? >> there was so much i needed to learn. >> you had to have a-- how do you say pantalones. you had to have -- >> find out about political corruption. >> yes, you have to be sure, that what we are saying is is the truth and nothing but the truth. >> to be very smart as i am. >> but i was still missing one key ingredient, murrow had good night and good luck. cronkite had that's the way it is. and comae has got-- that's what it is. >> that's a catch-phrase? >> yeah. -- (laughter) that really means what a huge candle. >> that's right, that's right, wyatt, that's right. >> wyatt, that's the first words that had to use in order to be a good journalist. >> that's right. >> all right, i'll do it. >> all right, can you guys help me get down off this chair? my time had come to finally speak truth t
, anyone can help a foster child. - thank you. - thank you. gracias por su ayuda. thank you. >>> sometimes when a company stumbles, a strength of underlying themes take tibco. back on december 5th, tibco did drop the ball. company preannounced a downside. credit where credit is due, they didn't make excuses. they said their sales force didn't do a good enough job. days to follow it wasn't so strong. normally after negative preannouncement my rule of thumb is to stay away for a couple quarters to see if management has a handle on things. results were slightly better than expected which is why the stock jumped up 1.62. up 14% from where it was in wake of the reannouncement. if you bought the stock the last time ceo was on in july, you have lost 19%. let's check in with vivek ranadive, founder and chairman of tibco software. let's find out about the quarter and company's prospects. welcome back to the show. >> jim, thank you for having me. it's always a pleasure to be on. >> all right. when things are great, we say how come they were so great, what happened? you were very candid on your call.
. gracias por su ayuda. thank you. >> 7:30 is the time right now and we're taking a look at your christmas day weather. good good morning, annie. >> good morning, darya. merry christmas to you. we're g for the rain to come through. already seen it in parts. the green is the light rain. we'll zoom on in to show you. it's impacting highway 101, santa rosa in the light rain, petaluma as well. if you look at your future cast, i'll show you where the bulk of the rain is going to be coming, when and where. at 9:00 a majority of the bay area will be under cloudy conditions especially in the south bay. we can see the north bay, green comes in, petaluma, vallejo, san rafael. this is the yellow, that's moderate to heavy rain. also could see thunderstorms. by 2:00 it's really coming down for parts of oakland, concord, vallejo. it's widespread rain by late this afternoon for the entire bay area. gusty conditions are also a big concern here and the soil is very saturated. so we could see more downed trees and power lines, maybe even more mudslides and slidings. first here is george with your traffic.
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, anyone can help a foster child. - thank you. - thank you. gracias por su ayuda. thank you. >>> busy week shaping up with futures currently up about 45. a lot of data on the way. got empire this morning. but later on in the week, housing numbers final q3 gdp. keeping a close eye on newtown, connecticut, our hearts and prayers going out to the victims there. remembering those who lost their lives at sandy hook elementary in newtown. >>> a moment of silence observed at the new york stock exchange. in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the newtown, connecticut, shootings. ♪ [ male announcer ] you build a reputation by not breaking down. consider the silverado 1500 -- still the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. and now we've also been recognized for lowest total cost of ownership -- based on important things, like depreciation, fuel, and maintenance costs. and now trade up to get a 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition with a total value of $9,000. from outstanding value to standing the test of time, chevy runs deep. >>> time for the "mad dash" on a m
not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. - thank you. - thank you. gracias por su ayuda. thank you. >>> welcome back to "squawk." a bit of news on the bill accman herbalife fight. herbalife is announcing it's going to host an analyst day to respond in detail to what it calls the quote distorted, outdated and inaccurate information. i interviewed bill ackman yesterday and he made a real case that this was a deceptive, fraudulent, company that was a ponzi scheme. >> you didn't even talk about whether any of the stuff actually worked. >> we didn't even talk about that. it was almost like a public service message he was trying to deliver. almost less to do with an investment thesis but some of the other things. >> we've got to go. >> rick for the personal income numbers. >> income up 0.6%. spending up 0.4%. you know these numbers at least pass muster with regard to expectations. we're looking for up from both. the revisions were actually absolutely positive from unchanged on the income originally released up 0.1, and down 0.2 to down only 0.1. durable goods orders up 0
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)